Gardening and Positive Effects

Scenes of nature prove to be a great source of destress for the young and old. Having a garden patch at home can be beneficial to one. When one potters about in the garden, it encouranges physical movement of the arms and the body. It is a good form of exercise.

Growing plants in a garden or building one is an art itself. It involves lots of planning, structure and allocation and the composition of a well landscape garden yield benefits like personal satisfaction as well as praise from friends and family. Share your beautiful gardens and enthusiasm by entering your creative masterpiece among the ones who share you passion by being friends of Fiskars. From garden products, contests, gardening/pruning tips, it also helps to nurture the passion of gardening and lots of ideas for a healthy clean and green environment.

In a recent contest of Fiskars 2008 Project Orange Thumb, view the gardens of the people which have been selected based on their creative expressions, concept gardens and passionate work.


Eddie Wong said...

nice, i love gardening too.....