Penang Hokkien Podcast is for ALL

It has been a while I actually log into Penang Hokkien website. Blogging had taken much of my time. Heard from Arabaijop that she's going to be in the podcast on 29 March (Saturday). In case some of you have no idea, well then yes, there is going to be a podcast tonight starting from 10pm, so please stay tune. I tried to log in few days ago but the website was down. But it was only probably due to maintenance or probably John was downloading some shows?

I know there are many bloggers here who probably have not heard of Penang Hokkien podcast. Well, it is not just for Penangites. Although the podcasts are done in sing-song hokkien of the northern of West Malaysia, the topics are very Malaysian. This website unites many of us who have relocated to other parts of the world for update news particularly about Penang and also Malaysia, and for those who loves Penang food. Quite a few Malaysians are also living in around Alor Star, KL, Klang, Muar as well.

The podcast talks about topics like Keh Gua Kok (International Marriages) and Childhood Games just to name a few. Some topics are hilarious but some can be quite sad to hear, such as the differences in cultural marriages, thus leaving bitterness cultivated from different marriage practices with their mother-in-laws. This show about Mother-in Laws was a real eye opener.

Some shows may contain explicit language, not meant for minors. Many of the members have actually met each other in the gatherings held over the past few years. You won't believe that many of the members after so many gatherings, have become best of friends, but they really have. The gatherings have been held in Penang, KL, Singapore and if not wrong, Miku John (the founder) himself held them in US too.

This is an old animation done by some of the PGHK members in their 1st Anniversary. It is posted in YouTube but you can watch it here. They are now coming to their 3rd year already if not wrong.

For most of my Malaysian bloggers here, do check out the PGHK podcast, ya? Otherwise you can always go online skype and chat with us anytime 24/7 in the sembang website. You will need to have skype installed. Then, just join us by clicking on the skype link on the main website.

I managed to retrieve this info from the PGHK website for tonight's show. Come, come! Join us tonight.

Date: March 29, 2008
Time: Starting at 10PM

Please put your name down if you want to be a guest.
Go to the forum and register now.

# Ghost stories
# Suan Ku/Election (Sorry it’s a closed topic. I know this topic can get sensitive, but you can participate in the chat room of uStream)
# Penang Hambin Girl/MalaysianDreamGirl.tv (Please watch this show on MalaysianDreamgirl.tv, then join me on this topic)

Watch Ustream here tonight for live show.


jepunlauee said...

hey,thanks Hoon,for writing about Penanghokkien in your blog..
It is one of the best ways to introduce this wonderful podcast via blogging..as I believe still there are many people who still did not know about Penanghokkien..
Lets hope ,we would get more people to listen to this wonderful podcast..

Constance Chan said...

i agree, jepunlauee. i'll be listening in tonight. hope to see you in the chatroom, ya.

Joze Foo said...

wah, pa kong kor for PGHK....John sure very happy lo...

K3ViN said...

wah soo nice of u 2 pa kong 4 PGHK..... Hope we will getting some new member soon :P