Grassroots Games

Whenever my girls see these, they will ask to have a go at it. It is one of those local Theme Park fishing game which guarantees you a toy gift at every toad you managed to fish, with a number on it. I don't really like the look of these toad but because these are so cheap at only $2 a go, or $5 for 3 tries. Simple and sure win. My girls will fish one each and kakak gets to fish one. They got those cheap made in china prizes - two top sets and 1 spinner that can be released into the air. They felt happy to be able to accomplish such games.. Well it is better these way because those games at the themeparks are not easy for them. And they do get disappointed after many tries.

The next day, they wanted to have another go and they could exchange 3 winning toys with one bigger one. The prize was exchanged to a toy Cleaning Set for kids. Not a bad idea. This can be added to the Cleaning Trolley set for kids I got them about 2 christmas ago...