Monetize Your Blog Selling Links

As a blogger, I am always on the lookout for various ways to make some money in my blog. The choices are endless since as a blogger owner, you are of course the gatekeeper of your own blog, thus decides which of the available ways that deemed fit to monetize your blog.

If you own a blog in Wordpress platform, you will glad to know that there is a new plugin which enables a blogger to sell Links In Content of their existing blog through LinkXL. There is no limit to how many links you are willing to sell. The payout for the invaluable textlinks are paid monthly and can be paid into your paypal. All you need to do is just to activate your plugin at the admin mode. Once the plugin is activated, the placement of the textlink is done instantly so you do not even need to waste time on updating. Just imagine of all the hundreds and thousands of pages posts which you have written and how you still can monetize them. Set your own monthly minimum amount and watch your money-tree grow each month!